with Secret Sisters at Ryman Auditorium    photo by Mark Slagle

with Secret Sisters at Ryman Auditorium

photo by Mark Slagle


Book me for your show or session. I play guitar, bass, mandolin, sing, and occasionally play keyboards. Folks I play for or have played for, both live and in the studio, include: The Grammy-nomitated Secret Sisters, Sarah Darling, The Kernal (Single Lock Records) and more.
I have recommendations for all sorts of instruments too, so if you'd like me to put a band together for you, let's talk!



Book me for anything from tracking to editing to mixing and more.



Come track at The Departure Room or have me play or program parts for you. I have plenty of mics, guitars, basses, amps, drums and a beautiful Baldwin grand piano. 



Beats, synths, virtual instruments. Dance-y, ambient, synth-y, organic, and all points in between. We can dial nostalgia into your modern music, or go completely futuristic.


Edit before you mix!

I specialize in natural, transparent vocal pitch correction. If you want to sound like a robot from space, I can do that too.

I can make your entire tracks tighter and groovier, or I can fix little timing issues that may occur in an otherwise perfect performance. I'm all about getting you what you want, be it locked to the grid or full of natural human rhythm and/or tempo changes. 

Noise removal: Maybe your vocal has too many distracting lip smacks and mouth clicks. Maybe you used a low-output mic and your noise floor is too high. Maybe there is an air conditioner or AC hum in the background of your tracks. Let me take it all out and give you pristine, mixable tracks.



I love mixing. Let some fresh ears bring your tracks to life! On outside projects, I usually like to start with a song or two to make sure you like it. I'm happy to do multiple revisions and provide stems and instrumental mixes at no extra cost. 
Typically $300 per song, give or take, depending on the track count, complexity of the session etc.



I usually produce a few projects a year, in addition to my own music. If you're interested in having me produce or bringing me on as a co-producer, let's talk! 



If you'd like me to teach you beginner to intermediate guitar, bass, mandolin, Pro Tools, or consult me on your home studio setup etc, don't hesitate to reach out.

See you in the studio and on the road!